If you had to choose, which Illinois cities would YOU avoid traveling to at all costs, and why?

For me, I wouldn't travel to any cities in Illinois that have just gas stations and convenience stores.  For some reason, I get a weird feeling every time I'm passing through those kinds of towns to get to my destination.

Maybe it's because there aren't any attractions or it's too small of a town and everybody probably knows everyone else's business, but I try to steer clear of cities where I don't know anybody.

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I'm a mid-sized city kinda gal.  Living in Rockford, Illinois, there's roughly 150,000 people here with something to always do, places to go eat, and local attractions to see.

Though we might be ranked high on the "most dangerous cities" list, I'd travel to Rockford over heavily tourist-y populated cities any day.

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According to The Vacationer, they came up with a list of the top cities to avoid at all costs and one Illinois city ranked pretty high on the list... too high for our liking.

The One Illinois City To Avoid Traveling To At All Costs

At #10, Dallas, Texas made the list with a little over 14% of adults saying they'd never travel there.  Is it the weather?  Snakes?  Lions?

#9. Miami, Florida — 14.83%

#8. Austin, Texas — 15.42%

#7. San Francisco, California — 15.62%

#6. Anaheim, California — 17.19%

#5. Baltimore, Maryland — 17.39%

#4. New York City, New York — 18.07%

#3. Atlanta, Georgia  — 18.47%

Coming in at #2... the city we've all been waiting for:

#2. Chicago, Illinois — 21.71% of adults said they avoid traveling to Chicago at all costs.  I totally agree with this.  The traffic, the confusing roads, so many cyclists to watch out for, and it's so congested with tourists everywhere!

Honestly, any city that is a lot of walking just isn't for me either.  That Magnificent Mile in Chicago would never see my feet hit the pavement, not one inch of that 13-block span.

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You're probably wondering, "Whoa... what could rank higher than Chicago?!"

I'm not surprised by this, are you?

#1. Detroit, Michigan — 22.50% of adults got Detroit to the top of the list.

"This means nearly a quarter of Americans will not travel to Detroit under any circumstances. Based on the recent census, the 22.5% that said this represents more than 58 million people." [thevacationer]

Interestingly enough, more than a quarter of American adults don't avoid traveling to any cities in the country.  Sounds like they're down for an adventure no matter where they're at!

Again, where would you avoid traveling to at all costs and why?

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