Nothing beats kicking back and enjoying some delicious food outside when the warm weather comes. Warmer temperatures, especially in the Rockford area, unlock a whole new excitement for the amazing outdoor dining options.

I absolutely love sitting outside with my friends and family. For me, it unlocks a whole new level of nostalgia. After living in Rockford for about 2 years now, these spots are some of my personal favorites. They've been a part of making this new place feel a little bit like home.

3 of the Best Spots for Outdoor Dining in Rockford

Fresco at the Gardens

I took my mom here once and it was such a great time! The views while you're eating are stunning and the brunch is to die for. I could stare at the scenery all day here! After going there, I can tell you, nothing beats a drink in the sunshine here! It's truly so beautiful. After eating, you can enjoy a walk around Anderson Japanese Gardens to walk off the food.

Prairie Street Brewing Co.

If you're an appetizer person like me, this spot is a staple for you. I love ordering delicious cheese curds and sitting on the dock overlooking the river. Also, the amount of outdoor events they have here makes the spot even more special. If you love sitting back and chatting with friends while getting amazing views of the water, this spot is a must-try.

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Pig Minds Brewing Co.

I've been a vegetarian for a little over 5 years now. And let me tell you, I can almost always find food at any restaurant, but most of the time I end up settling for appetizers. I just tried this spot out last week with a new friend, and let me tell you... being able to order tacos made me emotional. Regardless if you do or don't eat meat, this spot serves amazing food and brews. I haven't had the chance to eat outdoors there yet because it was so chilly, but I can only imagine it adds to the already great experience

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I'm so excited for the summertime! I'm a sun-baby, so being able to hang outside while having good food with friends cheers up my mood. Also, if you're an outdoor dining lover like me, here are some other spots to add to your summer bucket list!

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