If you're planning on visiting any waterparks in Illinois this summer, here's something you should think about before you go.

This is one of the first summers in the past few years that waterparks are back open like normal, though.  With the hot, hot 80 and 90 degree weather we've been having, they're going to be packed with tons of guests wanting to catch some sun and take a dip in the lazy river!

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I haven't gone to a waterpark in a very long time because I'd rather just tan in my swimsuit in my backyard surrounded by nothing but the sun and my own music.

Plus, I have a major pet peeve about waterparks.. not necessarily about the park itself, but what guests do when they use the restrooms.

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Avoid Doing This At Illinois Waterparks This Summer

PLEASE, avoid walking barefoot into a waterpark restroom...

If you have to use the restroom at any point while at a waterpark, please wear shoes or sandals in there.  I can't believe people walk in completely barefoot and aren't disgusted by the wet and slimy floors.

You don't know what you're stepping in, you could slip and fall, or get an infection from open cuts on your feet having contact with bacteria on the floor.


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Water shoes are always a great option if you're looking for an alternative to bare feet!

That has to be my number one pet peeve about people at waterparks, other than guests pulling soaking wet money out of their swimsuits lol. Ew.

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