Minnesota is proving that Minnesota Nice is a real thing! There's a Minnesota neighborhood that was just named one of the friendliest neighborhoods in the entire country.

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This was based on research done by a website called All Star Home. They looked at information from Zillow and Google reviews to determine the nicest/friendliest neighborhoods in the country.

Thinkstock / Canva
Thinkstock / Canva

The Friendliest Neighborhoods in the US are on the West Coast

Surprisingly, the Midwest isn't home to the highest number of nicest neighborhoods. Based on the whole Minnesota/Midwest nice thing you'd think that we would dominate this list. But no, that goes to the West Coast.

7 of the top 10 nicest/friendliest neighborhoods are on the West Coast!

Let's check them out.

The 7 friendliest neighborhoods on the West Coast are in (going from the bottom up) Colorado Springs, San Diego, Tucson, Portland, another Tucson neighborhood, another in San Diego, and Seattle.


I'll go through the specific neighborhoods later on if you're interested.

The Friendliest Neighborhood in Minnesota

As for the Minnesota neighborhood that made the top 10, it sits in the number three spot! That neighborhood is the Highland Park neighborhood in St. Paul.

Google Maps
Google Maps

On the Visit St. Paul website, they describe Highland Park as St. Paul's "little slice of small town within the big city."

From the river trails and spring-fed falls at Hidden Falls Regional Park to feature films at the historic Highland Theatre and kosher classics at the iconic Cecil's Deli—this family-friendly southwest corner of Saint Paul offers a little something for everyone.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Top 10 Friendliest Neighborhoods in the Country

Now let's go through the top 10 friendliest neighborhoods in the country. We've got 7 on the West Coast, one in Minnesota, the last two are both in Texas.

10. East Colorado Springs - Colorado Springs, CO

9. Rancho Penasquitos - San Diego, CA

8. Catalina Foothills - Tucson, AZ

7. Mount Tabor - Portland, OR

6. Casas Adobes - Tucson, AZ

5. South Boulevard-Park Row Historic - Dallas, TX

4. Rancho Bernardo - San Diego, CA

3. Highland Park - St. Paul, MN

2. Kingwood - Houston, TX

1. Magnolia - Seattle, WA

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