In a peculiar incident at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Lawrence, Indiana, a man attempted to trade drugs for fried pickles on Sunday morning. Justin Carpenter, 25, who had arrived after the restaurant had closed, suggested reopening the kitchen for this barter.


Justin Carpenter, 25,
Justin Carpenter, 25, LPD

The Pickle Trade

Reportedly wearing an ankle monitor due to a prior drug arrest, Carpenter offered the workers marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy, and THC vape cartridges in exchange for fried pickles. Witnesses state he claimed he'd make the unusual transaction worth it.

What Did The Workers Say?

The workers, two of whom were underaged, rejected the unusual offer. Before leaving the restaurant, Carpenter left three small bags of marijuana on the front counter and told a manager to give them to the kids.

Fried Pickles
Fried Pickles

What Did The Police Say?

Soon after, the police located Carpenter’s vehicle at a Speedway gas station. Following his arrest, searches revealed possession of various drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, oxycodone, Xanax, and THC cartridges. They also found scales containing a white powder.

Following this incident, Carpenter was arrested on numerous felony and misdemeanor narcotics charges and is currently held in county jail. Prior drug cases are pending against Carpenter, which necessitated his GPS ankle monitor.

In the event Carpenter is released from custody, the judge has mandated that he maintains no contact with Buffalo Wild Wings or any of its employees. The case is ongoing.

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