Do you have a feeling that something is wrong with Missouri's weather? A sense that something is If that's the case, you're not alone and you're not necessarily wrong. There's evidence that plants are growing about 20 days ahead of schedule.

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It's no secret that both Missouri and Illinois have had a mild winter. I keep expecting that we'll have another cold snap, but there's no sign that's going to happen. Meteorologist Nick Hausen had an interesting share on Facebook today about what he's observing in southern Illinois.

That map appears to be from the National Phenology Network and that map of lilacs and honeysuckles shows the plants in Missouri and southern Illinois think it's Spring already and that's been the case for the past week or two. Here's what we saw happening in front of our Missouri home a week or so ago. It's daffodils already trying to bloom.

Photo, Doc Holliday
Photo, Doc Holliday

Does this mean that something really is wrong with Missouri's weather?

Let's not jump to that conclusion. Weather in Missouri is highly unpredictable to begin with. Add to that fact that weather tends to move in cycles. I have seen comments from those that are old enough to remember weather they experienced 70 years ago and they've mentioned that early Spring in Missouri really does happen more frequently than you think. Many will also tell you that they've seen big snow as early as October in Missouri because...well, Missouri weather is strange.

The USA National Phenology Network maps of leaves blooming are interesting if you'd like to see how far ahead Spring 2024 seems to be in Missouri and other places.

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