There's good news and bad news about what many forecasters consider to be a dangerous storm system that will impact Missouri early next week. It is expected to crash Missouri temperatures and cause them to freefall more than 50 degrees in just hours, but that drop won't last long.

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As I mentioned a couple days ago, there is a system described by NOAA Storm Prediction Center meteorologists as a "deep cyclone" that will bring crazy weather to Missouri starting Tuesday. That's one reason why many storm chasers plan to be in the state early next week.

While it's unknown if any serious storm development will occur, one thing is a certainty. Temperatures are going to plunge quickly. Here's the National Weather Service forecast for Hannibal, Missouri for Tuesday, February 27, 2024. Notice the high will be in the 70's during the day while the low will crash that night back into the 20's...a drop of 53 degrees in just hours!

Infographic, National Weather Service, St. Louis, Missouri
Infographic, National Weather Service, St. Louis, Missouri

This insane temperature difference means that rain is possible earlier Tuesday night, but might be sleet and/or snow after midnight into Wednesday morning. When they say "thunder is possible", that's due to the stormy aspect of this system. When you see extreme temperature drops in such a short period, you will have storm chances.

It's even possible (not necessarily likely) that southern Missouri could see a tornado or two develop. Plan on windy conditions throughout Missouri as this system makes its way through the state.

The good news is this brief plunge to below freezing temperatures won't last long at all as highs will return to the 60's and maybe even 70's by the end of next week into next weekend.

Pay attention to this unpredictable system and check in on updated forecasts from the National Weather Service and expect the unexpected in Missouri on Tuesday.

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