If you've driven by the Steak 'n Shake in Quincy, Illinois recently and saw the signage on the front of their building is down, fear not. I can confirm that they are not closed or closing. There's a natural explanation.

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One of my friends from Hannibal shared a picture today when he was in Quincy and noticed the Steak 'n Shake sign letters missing.

Understandably, there was immediate concern that something was wrong and the location might be closed and/or closing. I called and spoke to a manager myself via phone Friday morning and he explained what was going on. He said that wind had damaged the lettering and it was being replaced. All is good in burger and shake land in Quincy.

There's a bit of history which led to the thoughts that this might be an indication of trouble as you might remember Steak 'n Shake in Quincy did close back in March of 2015. Happy to report that is NOT the case this time. Find out more about Quincy's Steak 'n Shake through their official site.

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