I don't understand a lot of things in life so I guess I can add this new factoid to it. The most expensive university in Missouri is a not-for-profit school and I have so many questions.

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Just for laughs, I asked people around our office what Missouri place of higher education they thought required the most dollars to attend. Lots of good guesses including Washington University, but that's not correct. No, the most expensive university in Missouri according to 24/7 Wall St is one that is technically a not-for-profit place.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

What is the most expensive university in Missouri?

Answer - Saint Louis University

Here are a couple stunning numbers shared in their article:

  • Avg. annual net price, 2021-22: $29,651
  • Avg. student loan to full-time first-time undergraduates, 2021-22: $7,390

I don't think I could have worked 24/7 in the cafeteria at St. Louis U to pay for my tuition. (imagining that I actually overachieved and obtained a college education, of course...which did not happen)

ProPublica confirms that Saint Louis University is really a not-for-profit school.

For what it's worth, Saint Louis University is a fine school I hear with an even better dog...really.

This ranking was apparently decided from some data collected from the National Center for Education Statistics if you care about methodology.

Check out the full ranking if you'd like to see which schools will require their graduates to be paying their student loans off for the next 30 years.

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