If you haven't already started preparing for the upcoming storm season in Missouri, Illinois and Iowa, you might want to expedite that preparation. Another forecaster is saying that there is an increased chance for strong tornadoes and even derechos in all three states this Spring.

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My wife (the weather nerd and meteorologist) pointed out a status update by Brian Gross who shared a forecast in the Midwest Weather Facebook group. It's a harrowing estimation of what Spring might look like for Iowa, Missouri and Illinois that are all in the danger area for a volatile Spring of weather.

Brian is not alone in his thinking. Just a few weeks ago, I shared other forecasters who see the same danger in the Spring of 2024 for Missouri and Illinois saying that "meaner tornadoes" and other severe weather are in the offing for our part of America. The last time we had a weather pattern quite like this one was in 2011 and we all know what happened in Missouri during the Spring of 2011. Ask anyone near Joplin.

Weather can and will change and this is just a forecast based on models, but there is history that backs up the theories. It's best to at least know that Spring in Missouri, Illinois and Iowa COULD be a violent one. Better to be prepared and not need to as opposed to the other way around.

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