Do you have a boss that's hard on you? Did you know there are certain things they can't do in Missouri or they're breaking the law. It's true and you have more power than you might think.

Let me just say first that I know it's not easy being a boss. It's challenging to do the best thing for a business and also be sensitive to the people who work with and for you. However, there is a legal line that gets crossed sometimes and you need to know when it's time to demand your rights.

I'd like to also emphasize I'm not a lawyer. So, this isn't legal advice, but just some things I've learned from other experts who are watching out for you which is what I'm attempting to do also. A couple of articles I'd like to recommend include Holman Schiavone who are employment lawyers in the Kansas City, Missouri area. US News and World Report also touched on a few of these things to watch for in a workplace.

Here are 5 things your boss can't do without breaking Missouri law:

1. Punish you for talking about compensation with a co-worker

If your boss gets angry and tries to demote or punish you for talking about what your pay is with a co-worker, that's illegal. If your co-worker finds out you're earning more than them and goes to the boss and ask for a raise, you can't be retaliated against for revealing your pay.

2. Allow you to work when you're off-the-clock and not being paid

If your boss knows you're working after hours when you're not being compensated, they're breaking the law. Simple as that.

3. Complaining about your place of employment on social media

This is a gray area, but generally speaking your boss can't get angry and retaliate against you if you complain about your work on social media. While you can get in legitimate trouble if you share proprietary information online, you can't get in trouble for complaining about not being given a long enough lunch break for example.

4. Retaliate against you if you report illegal activity

For example, if you testify about a boss harassing a fellow employee, they cannot then demote you for participating in that process. Same goes for reporting an unsafe workplace. If you report it, they can't come back on you later.

5. Punish you for missing work for jury duty

If you're called to court to be a part of a jury, your boss cannot punish you for missing work for that purpose.

While these are broad topics, you can contact the Missouri Department of Labor for specific questions you might have about whether your boss is crossing a legal line they shouldn't.

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