I understand what it's like to be middle of the pack. Not the greatest. Not the worst. Just kind of 'meh'. That's the situation for 41 Illinois hospitals that are neither the best or scary. They were just downgraded to a mediocre 'C' rating for patient safety.

'C' is not a bad grade. It means you passed and you won't be sent to detention unless you talk too much. (Don't ask me how I know) Hospital Safety Grade just ranked these Illinois hospitals on their accident and injury records and problems they've had (or not) with infections. These 41 Illinois medical facilities were rated the passing grade (but not great) of a 'C':

While I wouldn't make a health care decision based on one website's rankings, it's a good starting point to decide who you'll trust your life with in Illinois.

Here are the Absolute 10 Best Hospitals in Illinois for 2024

Gallery Credit: Google Maps Street View