I've heard a lot of stories of what people claim they've seen in the wilderness of Missouri, but never one quite like this. A man says that he encountered what he described as a Bigfoot-like creature that he says had a face like a sloth.

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The Missouri YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory interviewed a man named Jim who hails from Laurie, Missouri. That's deep in the woods near Lake of the Ozarks north of Sunrise Beach, Missouri. He says he's had many encounters with "something" all over Missouri. Here are a few he mentioned:

  • As a kid, Jim said his dad was an avid hunter in the 1970's in St. Charles County, Missouri. One night he came home early because he said that "someone big tall and dark was in his field". He first thought it was another hunter, but it wasn't. The hair on the back of his neck stood up so he retreated as something chased him out of the woods. 
  • A few months later, directly across the river from the first encounter, Jim said that on a snow day from school he and his friend were going to go hunting with their BB guns. They went down to a river and saw icebergs. They managed to float down the river (which he now regrets) until they finally got off after a sudden snow squall hit them. As they were trying to find their way home, they decided to take shelter in the cab of a tractor in the middle of a field. About 300 yards across a field, they saw something huge walking across the field. At first he thought it was a bear, but once it got close enough, he realized it was walking on two legs.
  • Around 2015, Jim said he took his nephew fishing near Ha Ha Tonka State Park. On the way home, he was about to cross a bridge when he saw a creature standing right in the middle of the highway on the yellow line. He said "the face was bald...the only thing I can compare it to was the face of a sloth". 

Jim went on to share more stories of strange things he's encountered in the Missouri woods. If you find Bigfoot/creature sightings in Missouri interesting, definitely recommend listening to Jim share the stories himself with Sasquatch Theory.

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