It truly used to be the pride of Illinois and saw explosive growth. Now this once-great Illinois place has seen massive decay and abandonment and is described as the city that 'America has forgotten'. A new journey through it proves this sadly remains true.

If you're familiar with this part of southern Illinois, you might know that this town was founded in 1818 and saw growth up to 800% in the mid 1800's around 1860. This is Cairo, Illinois which is just a shadow of its former self.

Dark Exploration Films journeyed through Cairo, Illinois just a few days ago and just shared what they found in the southernmost city in Illinois. It has gone south in more ways than one.

Sad Journey Thru Once Great Illinois Town 'America Has Forgotten'

Gallery Credit: Dark Exploration Films via YouTube

The decline of Cairo, Illinois is so infamous now that even Atlas Obscura has a page dedicated to it. "Once booming" and "now abandoned" is how its characterized and it's accurate and sad. Not all of Cairo is gone and there are remnants of the town like a few of the historic mansions that have survived, but it truly is barely a shadow of its former self.

Cairo, Illinois is eerily empty and there doesn't seem like there's a plan to turn this historic part of the state around. Let's hope there's something or someone who will remember what Cairo used to be and what it could someday be again.

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