There's a new story that serves as a warning to always have some idea of what might be waiting inside if you choose to investigate an abandoned place. An investigator went inside an old factory in Crestwood, Illinois, but learned it hid a terrible secret and a creature guarding it.

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This new tale that was shared by popular YouTube channel Lilith Dread spins a yarn about someone who had heard stories about an abandoned Crestwood, Illinois factory. If you're not familiar with Crestwood, it's in the Chicago area.

As the story shared by Lilith Dread goes, the person entered the empty factory and soon regretted it. The person found strange jars that seemed to contain some type of weird seeds, but that wasn't the terrible secret. A chill went down their spine as they heard a clicking sound. It was accompanied with a putrid stench.

They were startled to suddenly see some type of...creature. As they tell it, the beast leaped at them crashing into a nearby wall.

"It was unlike anything I had ever seen before"

The person grabbed a broken pipe and swung it at the creature. "It was like hitting a solid wall". They thought they were a goner when suddenly a shaft of light appeared from the ceiling of the factory which seemed to scare the beast. For some reason, it was unable to pass through the sunlight. It was then they were able to make their escape out of a nearby exit leaving whatever it was behind.

I've done some searching to try and find the factory referenced in the story and believe it might be this one investigated by Decaying Midwest last year.

They investigated during the daytime which was likely a good choice, but it's the type of place where something could lurk.

Stories like this are impossible to prove and sound outrageous, but it does make you think twice about adventuring in a place that's been empty for so long for fear that it isn't really empty.

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