Nathan lived in the Branson area and says he "pretty much grew up near Table Rock Lake". He encountered something bone-chilling in the woods there that began with a scream he knew wasn't human.

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Nathan's story is similar to what many of us who grew up in Missouri experienced. As he got older, he and his friends would begin to adventure more and more in the backcountry. What Nathan didn't realize was that there was something in the woods that he still has no complete explanation for.

Sasquatch Theory on YouTube just interviewed Nathan about what happened. There was one camping spot about a mile from his home near Table Rock Lake that had become a favorite. There was a clearing with a cedar glade where he and his friends would hang out often.

One night, things got very strange. Nathan describes it as "a clear evening...just before midnight". After starting a campfire for some light, he and his friends were visiting. He said he was 16 and had just learned how to whistle. So, he decided to let out a loud whistle over Table Rock Lake...something eventually answered.

All of a sudden, Nathan and his friends heard a "loud shriek, scream...growl came from down below us". He thought it might have been as much as a mile away, but the sound chilled Nathan and his friends. He described the sound being like a "lady getting brutally murdered mixed with a growl and like a shriek...I've heard was louder than any other predator I've ever heard".

He said whatever it was that made the sound sounded very aggressive and upset. He and his friends were convinced that whatever it was planned on coming after them. Nathan and his friends decided to "run and go".

I would recommend listening to Nathan's full story that he shared with Sasquatch Theory. Who did he hear in the Missouri woods near Table Rock that night? Or, maybe the better question is "WHAT" did he hear?

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