The song says breaking up is hard to do and it's not wrong. But, did you know there is some new data that shows the exact amount of time it takes for a Missouri person to get over an ex? It's probably longer than you think.

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This interesting study done by an Australian website (g'day mate!) called Compare the Market surveyed Americans about how long it takes them after a breakup to move on. The things they did to help them cope and recover are also interesting. What would you guess the average time is for a Missourian to recover from heartbreak?

Answer - 9.16 months

I have some questions about what .16 of a month is, but let's move on to the bigger questions first.

What do Missouri people do to recover from heartbreak?

Compare the Market said this:

the two most popular answers were allowing yourself to grieve and feel your emotions, and listening to music, both at 31%

Of course music is therapeutic. Good answer. The insightful aspect of that is "allowing yourself time to grieve". How many have tried to jump right back into another relationship after a breakup? Having some down time seems like good advice for someone dealing with the loss of love.

Don't feel bad, Missourians. The survey says that the folks down under (g'day mate!) take over 10 months to recover, so you don't have it that bad after all.

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