The experts at Forbes are saying if you want the "Disney World" of the great outdoors you need to head to a certain town in the Show-Me State, here are the details...

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According to Forbes, Branson, Missouri is the "Disney World" of the Great Outdoors. In an article on Forbes' website, they make the claim that Branson, Missouri is the go-to place in the US for outdoor adventure seekers, in the article, they say...

" can be within miles of downtown Branson and never enter the popular town. That’s because there is so much territory to cover, and so much to do in Southwest Missouri, that you won’t have time. It’s like being in Disney World, but the fun, the adventure, and the discovery emanate from the flora and fauna rather than roller coasters and concession stands."

What exactly is there to do in and around Branson that makes it the Disney World of the outdoors? The places the article lists include Fantastic Caverns, the massive aquarium inside of the Bass Pro Shop national headquarters, Table Rock Lake, Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, and the Top of the Rock (which is a part of Big Cedar Lodge). To read all about the experiences mentioned, click here!

Is Branson "Disney World" for the outdoors?

I have never been to Branson so I can't speak on all of these outdoor activities, that being said, I have been to Disney World 8+ times and Disney World is amazing. If I were Branson I wouldn't want the pressure of being compared to Disney World, because that is a high bar to live up to. after's the most magical place on Earth.

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