It is officially road trip season in the midwest! Minnesota and Wisconsin are great places to take a little road trip, with so many things to see and do in each part of the states.

Road Trip Season Means...

The best part of a road trip? The snacks, the scenery and the playlist. However, making a plan is also a big part of taking a road trip.

If you aren't a big planner, you may find yourself without a hotel reservation and nowhere to sleep. That might lead you to wonder if you can sleep at a rest area for the night.

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So, Is It Legal?

Boondocker's Bible, a camping website, answers this very question so you don't have to wonder anymore. However, the answer isn't super cut and dry.

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According to Wisconsin statute, camping along the side of a highway or on lands adjacent to the highway is not allowed. While the statute doesn't directly mention rest areas, one can conclude that the statute applies there, since most if not all are off the highway.

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Wait! There's More...

The Wisconsin Department Of Transportation has their own set of rules for rest stops, including policies for hunting, geocaching and the like.

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They also touch on long term camping in rest areas, writing that parking long term is not allowed. In this case, long term parking refers to a 24 hour period or longer, whether you are in your vehicle or not.

If you are parked somewhere for longer than that period, you could be towed and / or your vehicle removed.

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There You Have It!

While there is no law directly stating you can't sleep at a Wisconsin rest stop, there are other rules you need to follow that may prohibit it. Plan ahead on your next road trip this summer!

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