The Silence is Deafening at One of the Most Unique Places in Minnesota

Tucked away in the heart of Minnesota lies a hidden marvel that defies the usual definition of cool.

This place is so unique you won't find one anywhere else in the world, and it also holds an official Guinness World record!

What is the Coolest Hidden Wonder in Minnesota?

Welcome to the Orfield Labs Quiet Chamber, officially recognized as the quietest place on Earth. This unique room is a sensory experience few have encountered.

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Orfield Labs Quiet Chamber (ABC News via YouTube)

Imagine stepping into a room where the silence is so profound, you can hear the sound of your own heartbeat and the gentle hum of your nervous system. It’s an eerie and surreal experience that has rightfully earned this chamber its reputation as Minnesota’s coolest hidden wonder, according to data from Atlas Obscura

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The Quiet Chamber at Orfield Labs is an anechoic chamber, designed to absorb reflections of sound completely. This makes it the perfect spot for sound engineers, researchers, and anyone curious about the extremes of auditory silence.

The chamber holds the Guinness World Record for the world's lowest ambient noise level, measured at an astonishing -9.4 decibels.

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According to a story by Quick Country 96.5,

the Orfield Labs' chamber has six sides and is built on I-beams and springs in a pit. The next layer is a five-sided over-chamber built over the top of the inner chamber, and finally, there is a 12-inch concrete building that was built over the entire structure.


How to Experience the Quietest Place on Earth in Minnesota

You can visit Orfield Labs at 2709 East 25th Street in Minneapolis, MN, but you'll have to fork over a decent amount of money if you want to experience what it's like inside the quietest place on Earth

An hour-long "Group Perceptual Silence" session with you and four others inside the 12x10 suspended anechoic chamber will cost you $75 per person. If you want a private session, you'll have to dig deep and hand over $400 for an hour of pure, unadulterated silence.

Whether you're looking for an unusual adventure or simply someone who appreciates the quieter things in life, Minnesota's 'coolest hidden wonder', Orfield Labs Quiet Chamber, offers a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t soon forget.

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