You know that old limestone spot on Broadway St. S. in Jordan, Minnesota, right next to the house nobody would even take for free? Well, it might seem like just another old building from the outside. But once you step in, you're in for a surprise.

Hidden behind that ordinary facade is a centuries-old secret that's been locked away from the public eye for at least 50 years.

The Secret Beneath the Historic Jordan, MN Brewery

For the past three years, part of the building has been the home of a THC Dispensary, Strains of the Earth. This summer, the owners are inviting you to explore what's behind their cute little hobbit door.

WCCO via YouTube
WCCO via YouTube

The building was originally built as a brewery that opened in 1863, right in the middle of the Civil War.

While soldiers were digging foxholes on the battlegrounds, workers in Jordan were digging a system of caves behind the limestone storefront to keep their kegs of beer at a cool and steady 56 degrees year-round, according to a story by WCCO.

jordan brewery caves
Credit: Historic Jordan Brewery via Strains of the Earth

The caves are said to have run all the way into the city but were eventually blocked off due to safety concerns and possibly to prevent illegal bootlegging of booze during prohibition times.

These walls have seen some stuff.

Credit: Historic Jordan Brewery via Strains of the Earth
Credit: Historic Jordan Brewery via Strains of the Earth

In 1960, the brewery and caves took on a major flood. The dark waterlines about a third of the way up the walls of the caves show just how high the water rose.

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54 years later in 2014, heavy rains caused a mudslide that damaged the back of the complex and left the future of the structure in question. Three and a half years later the funding needed to make the repairs was obtained and the historic limestone complex was ready for tenants again.

When Will the Jordan Caves Be Open to the Public?

Strains of the Earth says they have installed safer flooring and lighting and are excited to share these historic caves with visitors by the beginning of June.

Strains of the Earth Caves
Credit: Strains of the Earth
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