There are so many different kinds of landscapes that you can live in here in the US. Having grown up in Kalamazoo and spent tons of time in Chicago and Detroit visiting family members, I quickly realized I am a city boy. Some of my best friends come from the countryside, and then there is the in between, the small city folk.

Small city folk are normally great people who are welcoming but are also live slightly different than those in the city. They have the hard-working mentality of those from the rural area while also getting a glimpse of the city life. Often times small towns are close-knit communities where many if not all of the people know each other personally and are able to look out for one another. There are hundreds if not thousands of small cities in America, but none of them are better than this city in Indiana.

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WalletHub took it upon themselves to compile a list of the best small cities in the entire country. They were able to determine which small cities are the best to live in based upon the following criteria: affordability, economic health, education and health, quality of life, and safety. Three of the top 5 best small cities in the country are right here in Indiana, with the 4th and 5th best cities being Westfield and Fischer respectively.

Carmel, Indiana soared to the top of the rankings with an overall score of 71.16 on their metric scale. This score would breakdown into them receiving a 31 for affordability, 200 for economic health, a 50 for education and health, a 183 for quality of life, and a 4 for safety. This allowed Carmel to narrowly beat out Lexington, Massachusetts to be the best small city in all of the United States out of 1,321 total cities.

I understand the numbers above seem wild and don't make sense as to how Carmel ended up with the best score, making them the best small city in the country. In the article on WalletHub, they crush 45 key factors into the 5 main categories we see above, each with their own metric to decide the schools and how they will be weighted.

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