We're all sitting here hoping the A/C doesn't die on us this week because it's gonna be super hot in Rockford, but will we break any records?

Chances are, the answer is no. Because the record for the hottest day in Rockford sits at 112, according to Weather.Gov's recount of July 14, 1936.

Please, all the weather gods out there, don't let it get that hot, my hair just can't handle it.

This week we are in for a heat wave, with a forecast that will make my humid hair look like Monica Geller's in the Barbados episodes of 'Friends.'

WIFR's Mark Henderson sent this tweet out Monday so we can all at least attempt to prepare.

Yikes. 100 is always so daunting! Basically if you can find a pool, make some plans, and if you can't find, the closest air conditioning. I bet a lot of people go to the movies this week to beat the heat.

What will you do to stay cool?