I was recently able to cross something off my Rockford Shame List. I finally visited Anderson Japanese Gardens and it was honestly far more impressive than I thought it was going to be and I thought it would blow me out of the water.

The event was their weekly Tuesday Evening in the Garden music concert. Double T from 96.7 The Eagle asked if I wanted to go check out Ernie Hendrickson play at the Gardens. Ernie is an old friend of Double T's and used to play a lot in Rockford "back in the day." I knew it was time for me to get this, easily attainable, Rockford bucket list item.

The three things that jumped out at me were:

  • How big this place is. The paths seemingly went on forever.
  • How perfect everything was. The greenest grass. No dying limbs. Trees grown to fit the walking path. Everything was necessary and in the exact right place.
  • The endless surprises. Keep your eyes peeled. The little offshoot on the path or tiny ornamental rock can be wonderful little discoveries. The place is littered with them

I understand that it was probably a little more crowded and boisterous during the event than it usually is but we still felt pretty isolated while walking the paths and didn't really stumble upon too many people.

The concert itself was a blast. You can pull up a chair and watch right on the lawn but I thought the people posting up in secluded spots around the gardens had the right idea. There are so many little alcoves on the property, that you can have your own little mini concert.

There are only two weeks left for the Evening In The Park series but if you've never been, anytime is a good time at Anderson Japanese Gardens. Seriously, just go. You'll love it.

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