It was a general census that either Illinois or Indiana was going to become the next state to legalize sports betting but it looks like Iowa has leapfrogged them both. 

ActionNetwork - Legalized sports betting in Iowa is now just one signature away. That signature would be the one of Governor Kim Reynolds, who, after the Iowa House voted 67-31 in favor of the bill, now has the opportunity to sign it into law.

The governor hasn’t spoken publicly regarding whether or not she’ll sign it, but state representative Bobby Kaufman (who voted in favor of the bill), says his side is “cautiously optimistic that it will see the desired outcome.

Now the rush to legalize sports betting is a little different than the legalization of marijuana. The sooner you legalize weed, the bigger the market share of "pot travelers" will be to your state. Just look at Colorado. Dozens of states have legal pot but Colorado is still the poster child for weed.

Sports gambling won't necessarily improve your tourism dollars but it will definitely bring some much-needed tax dollars to the state.

Besides, I've never really understood why you can't bet on sports. I can go throw $500 in a slot machine connected to a gas station or but a grand on the ponies at an OTB or blow my paycheck on Lotto tickets but I can't put 25 bucks on the Cubs tonight? Doesn't make sense.

Pritzker has said that sports betting was on his to-do list, let's see how long he takes to get to it.

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