Off the top of your head, can you tell me, roughly, how many people there are in China? If you said "1.357 billion!!", congratulations. You've shown that you can Google and read something else at the same time.

But seriously (said the guy who had to Google to get that number, too), with a billion-plus people in a country, you'd figure that it would be tough to be recognized as the worst driver on the road.

You'd have figured wrong. This guy made it pretty easy to hand him the title. Here's what we know so far: the guy just passed his drivers test within the last two months, and Chinese media have dubbed him "Reverse Brother." Many in China are questioning how he passed the test to begin with.

For anyone who has ever had a problem parking, it's time to give yourself a break.



Ambulances are standing by for when he attempts parallel parking next week.

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