This isn't a question of "should" you wear a thong to the beach, because if we're being honest most of us shouldn't, this is asking if you can get arrested for wearing a thong to an Illinois beach.

This honestly wasn't a question I have ever asked before in my life. I'm not much of a thong guy myself, don't really have the body type for it. But the question was raised when I clicked on an article that was talking about the new "Butterfly Bikini" that is the latest development in skimpy swimwear.

Now I should insert a picture of the Butterfly Bikini into this post to let you see what it looks like. I'm not going to do that here. I already pushed the bounds of decency with the featured image on this blog, don't want to cross the line with some more semi-nudity. You're going to have to Google that on your own.

Suffice to say, it's far more revealing than this swimsuit.

Getty Images for DC Swim Week
Getty Images for DC Swim Week

Far more.

I digress.

The article on the Butterfly Bikini posed the question "Is this even legal to wear in public?"

Now this question could easily devolve into a debate about America's Puritanical upbringing, or the double standards women face with exposing their bodies as opposed to men and there would be merit in both of those arguments, but that's not why we're here.

We're here to find out if it's legal for me to wear some butt floss while sunning on an Illinois beach.

It's kind of tough to exactly figure out but fortunately there is a website that is here to help us.

The website is and they have a whole section on their site that lists the "thong legalities" of every state in the union.

And what about Illinois? Totally legal EXCEPT in Cook County.

That did make me laugh. I've spent a lot of time in Cook County. Been to a few of the beaches on the Lakefront. I'm here to tell you that IF wearing a thong in Chicago is actually illegal, it is enforced less than jaywalking.

The Oak Street beach is littered with people in thongs. Some look great, others absolutely do NOT, but I've never seen or heard of anyone being harassed by law enforcement for showing too much cheek.

So there you have it. Wear your thong proud here in Illinois, the only crime you'll be committing is a possible infraction from the fashion police.

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