Because if it isn't, half of the drivers on I-90 last night should probably get a ticket.

I was driving home on I-90 after work last night and it was a crazy rainstorm. There was a flash of lightning so close to my car, I swear I saw it touch the ground.

The weather wasn't fun to drive in, but I've been making this long commute for three years now, so I've dealt with plenty of adverse weather. What I hadn't dealt with though, was the amount of drivers using their hazard lights while driving.

Immediately after I drove under the Belvidere Oasis, I saw a line of stopped vehicles with their hazards blinking, I thought that was strange but maybe a few minutes ago the conditions were so bad that the cars and trucks pulled over.

But as I continued to drive, I realized almost half of the cars and trucks driving were using their hazards too. Am I missing something? I thought you were only supposed to use your hazards when your car was dead or parked.

This morning I went to the Internet to see if my confusion could be answered. I have yet to find a definitive answer. I skimmed through the Illinois "Rules of the Road," and couldn't find anything confirming or denying that you can drive with your hazards on. They only alluded to the fact that you need to use the lights when you're stranded or parked.

I did, however, come across this list from AAA, which says that it is illegal to drive with your hazards on while you're driving. So which is it? Legal or illegal? Can anyone help me out?

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