Sometimes you see things while driving that your friends and family will only believe if you catch them on video.

This is one of those times. A couple was driving through Chicago during the morning of June 26. That morning there was a heavy rainstorm. Driving through hard rain is always stressful. But seeing something like this is just pure insanity. I've seen some crazy things on the road. However, this is something I've never seen before.

The increased water pressure from the rain blasted off the manhole covers that were on the road. Not one, but TWO!

I can't stop laughing at the video. It almost looks like it's in reverse or something because the water is blasting so hard. It's basically like the street has two new sewage fountains.

How crazy does that look?

One comment points out -

That's a storm drain, not a sanitary sewer. That water is no filthier than the water they're driving on.

Either way, you probably don't want that water spraying all over you.

Most crazy videos you see out of Chicago don't involve good news. So I'm glad this video of Chicago is going viral for funny reasons.

As stressful as that video is, rain in Chicago can actually be very stunning. It can also be incredibly relaxing. So much so that there's literally specific videos of it online to help people relax.

No street fountains are in the sleep video by the way. Just saying.

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