I'll start by saying what I've been telling people all week. I wish this Iowa Women's Basketball season were a series I could watch over and over again. It's been such a rush and I'm dealing with post-season blues right now. I normally write local content, but I couldn't not say something about this team and their impact.

I'm not someone who normally gravitates toward sports. But the Iowa team forced me to pay attention not just to their talent, but to the history they (AND Caitlin Clark) were making for the sport in general.

If you've ever been to Iowa City, you know the Hawkeye pride is STRONG. There truly is nothing like game day - it's an infectious energy in the air that gets everyone excited. But this team took it a step further because we had an entire nation with its eyes on us, and that's something to be proud of. I hope all of those players remember that for the rest of their careers and lives.

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An Alumni's Letter and Thank You To The Iowa Women's Basketball Team

Caitlin Clark is a once-in-a-generation type of player. Even I know that, and I know little to nothing about sports, I'll just be honest. I often wonder if I ever walked by her on campus or if we were ever in the dining hall at the same time.

To have children begging for autographs and be THAT inspired by a female athlete is one of the most heartwarming things I've witnessed. Having that much power is a heavyweight and, outside of her talent, she did an amazing job carrying that crown.

But Caitlin can't be Caitlin without a rockstar team behind her.

Kate Martin, Gabbie Marshall, Hannah Stuelke, Addison O'Grady,  Sydney Affolter, Kylie Feurbach, Kennise Johnson, Sharon Goodman, Ava Jones, AJ Ediger, Jada Gyamfi, Molly Davis and Taylor McCabe all deserve a round of applause and a piece of the crown too for what they've done for Women's Sports.


It was a loss that crumpled my heart like a piece of paper, but regardless these girls have won the hearts of the nation for their talent and grit. And for that, I just want to say how phenomenal it was to watch them and how grateful I am to be a Hawkeye. Thank you for what you've done for the sport and an amazing season. There is SO MUCH to be happy about and proud of!


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