We hear about efforts like this every now and then, usually pushed by older residents in a community. However, in Gary, Ind., it's the youth pushing for a ban on saggy pants.

The Times of Northwest Indiana reports that the Gary Youth Council, whose members are teens, plans to ask the City Council to endorse an ordinance requiring community service for those under 18 who wear sagging pants in public. But it could be amended to also include adults:

Council Vice President Ron Brewer said after the city's law department finishes crafting the proposed ordinance, he expects it to be presented to the council, which he expects will then refer it to committee for discussion and any changes, which could include making it apply to adults. He said the council then may vote on a final ordinance in late February.

"It could come back in late February," Brewer said. "It depends on how many changes (are made) and if they can be done in a timely manner."

The nearby city of Lynwood, Illinois has had a similar ban in place since 2008. Officials tell The Times they've not yet had any legal challenge to the legislation.

Here's a bit more on the story from WTHR-TV: