If you're into shooting stars Thursday and Friday is some must see sky gazing.

I've certainly seen my share of shooting stars, much like everyone else. However, I've never seen a meteor shower.

Much less, I've never seen something called a Orionid Meteor Shower which Tyler Sebree at WTVO referred to as a " top-5 shooting star event."

Nature World News says you might see 15-20 meteors in an hour but in some cases somewhere between 70-80.

What's also real nice about the upcoming event, is that the shooting stars can be easily viewed without a telescope.

Sebree also mentions:

The best places to see events like these are rural locations where minimal to no buildings exist. The darker it is, the better chance you have of seeing the show."

Finally, Consumnes Connection says "The Orionid meteors are usually at their best in the early hours before dawn and the clearer the skies the better you will be able to see this lovely display, so fingers crossed."

At the moment, skies are expected to be clear Thursday night and Friday morning.