While the world's scientists were busy solving a pandemic, the folks at Yappy.com were getting to the bottom of the important questions.

What dog breeds are spoiled the most?

Yes, it's time again for me to go through a study that was spammed emailed to me from the company that did it, hoping to pique my interest and promote their brand.

Well, congratulations Yappy.com, you got me.

Before we get to the study, I want to recognize the most spoiled dog at the radio station. That would be Max, pictured above. Max was my grandma's dog for about 5 years and when she passed, Max became mine. He's been hanging out at work for about the past month and he's very, very spoiled.

Steve Shannon is bringing him pork chops, he has a stable of girlfriends down in our sales pit that he sprints down the hall to see, and he's never more than 5 minutes either from someone petting him or until someone pets him again.

Is he a good boy? Depends on the day. He's pretty stubborn and the selective hearing has gotten a bit out of control BUTTTTT he's also very cute, so everyone forgives him.


Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, he basically has no legs. Big loaf energy.

He also, sometimes, looks like this:


On to Yappy.com's study.

I'll give Yappy.com some credit here. They actually described their procedure which is a lot more than most of these "studies." Here's their Methodology.

The most spoiled dogs of the US data was collated over the last 12 months from May 2020-May 2021 and studied 300 popular breeds and over 450,000 individual dog profiles generated across Yappy.com. By looking at the highest average spend per breed and by region, the data reveals the overall most pampered dogs in the US according to their breed.

Could there still be a ton of flaws in their sampling and analysis? Of course, but I appreciate them actually telling me part of the process.

So what dog does Illinois dote the more affection to? It's apparently the poodle. Which shocked me because I didn't think there were any straight poodles anymore. You've got labradoodles, burnerdoodles, cock-a-poos, schnoodles,  and pretty much every other breed crossed with a poodle, but I don't think I've ever actually met a real poodle.

Here's the whole list that Yappy.com provided that you should take a look at. Some intern worked hard on this, at least acknowledge the work. THANKS, INTERN!


The interns also made this chart which raises some questions. A list of the most AND least spoiled dog names in the US.

attachment-most-spoiled-names (1) (1)

I understand the concept of most spoiled but what does least spoiled mean? The dog has to complete all its chores before it can eat? The dad never looks it in the eye? Are we talking neglect? Abuse? It's a weird concept.

Dear Yappy.com intern that is probably reading this because I linked your website above and it popped up in your searches. You might want to remove the least spoiled list. It's kind of a downer.

P.S. Our promotions director, Priscilla, stopped by my office while I was writing this and asked what the post with Max was about. I explained and she asked if I could include a picture of her dog and she sends me this. I've edited it so it's SFDW (safe for dog work)

attachment-Dog porn

Honest question. Do I need to call HR?

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