I recently stumbled upon an article from 2017 that talked about things that residents of each state had been Googling. In specific, the piece shared what each state typed in after the words "Why Do."

Back in 2017, Illinois residents were asking "why do dogs have tails?" Wisconsin residents wanted to know "why do fireflies glow?"

To be honest, I've wondered about one of those things, and it wasn't dogs and their tails.

"Are their butts on fire, or somethin'?" (Getty Images)
"Are their butts on fire, or somethin'?" (Getty Images)
Getty Images
You got a problem with my tail? (Getty Images)

At Least Our Questions Have Gotten Better Since 2017...But Not Much Better

So we've learned that in 2017, Illinoisans wanted to know why dogs have tails, and Wisconsin folks wanted to know about fireflies butts. Truth be told, the Google questions from our two states were a lot less odd than queries from some of our Midwestern neighbors:

  • Iowa and Kentucky want to know "why do cats knead"
  • Indiana wants to know "why do my boobs hurt"
  • Missouri residents want answers as to "why do tomatoes split"
  • But, the best comes from Michigan, where they want to know "why do I have diarrhea"
Live from Lansing! (Getty Images)
Live from Lansing! (Getty Images)
And Detroit! (Getty Images)
And Detroit! (Getty Images)

Illinoisans Want To Know About Other Things Than Dog Tails In 2023

Just for the fun of it, I just went over to Google and typed in "Why Do" just to see what Illinois might be into on a Tuesday in February. The top 5 entries that popped up are:

  • Why do I see an ad a minute after talking about it
  • Why do we give Valentine's Day cards
  • Why does my stomach hurt
  • Why do dogs eat grass
  • Why do men sprout hairs in weird places with age
male nose with a long hair. body care concept. macro.
Get this dude a weed-wacker, STAT! (Getty Images)

Overall this year, the top questions we're asking Google (at least the ones that begin with Why Do) here in Illinois are:

    • Why do my airpods keep disconnecting
    • Why do dogs sniff butts
    • Why do cats make biscuits
    • Why do I have to pee so much
    • Why do dogs like belly rubs

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