Hi, good evening, I am the Illinois woman who is dying a slow and painful death from the second vaccine shot, but you know me better as Midday Michelle.

Ok, I'm not dying but my body is not having it with this reaction.

If you missed it a few weeks ago feel free to catch up with the thoughts I had getting the COVID-19 vaccine shot and how I felt the next day. 

Once you're caught up I'll be here with the heaviest eyelids on earth trying not to fall asleep just yet.

Yes I've been moving for the last five days and my body was already mad at me, but I know that's not what causing the chills and heavy eyelids.

The second vaccine is no joke.

I got it Monday at 6:30pm, and I will tell you that Walgreens on E. State Street had a surplus Monday night that they were willing to basically just hand out to anyone, so if you're having a problem getting an appointment give them a call.

I was ok for the first four hours and then overnight I wanted to throw up, I was SO hot and my arm was on fire.

My body was in a ton of pain in the morning, I had to swing myself to get up.

So I made myself go to the gym. I know you think I'm crazy but honestly going to the gym and moving around made me feel so much better than I felt before I went. They say to keep that arm moving and I definitely did.

This time around I got my shot in my right arm, which did help me try to sleep but the fever I felt like I had kept waking me up.

Day two I'm exhausted and pounding Advil. I wish I wasn't but it's the only thing that's been working to make my arm and head hurt less.

I'm trying to stay up until 7 so that I can sleep through the night but these heavy eyelids have a different idea.

I'm also dealing with the same shortness of breath I had when I had COVID and after the first shot. 

The best advice I have is keep that arm moving, get some fresh air and pick your pain killer.

Good luck!

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