In the twenty plus years I have been working in radio, I have had the pleasure of working with Hoo Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in Durand many times. The selfless, hard work they do every single day of the year is a vital addition to the Stateline area, and right now, they desperately need our support.

Hoo Haven runs off donations. Our generosity is what helps feed and provide medical care for animals in need, and it's how they manage the upkeep of their building and enclosures. Right now one of Hoo Haven's vital enclosures is literally disintegrating, and they really need us to help them rebuild it ASAP.

According to Hoo Haven's Facebook;

We have a 30 year old enclosure that has to be replaced this week!! The support beams are all disintegrated and falling apart!!!! We have moved the animals weeks ago BUT we need the enclosure back because we are full and we need space!!!

Hoo Haven needs to raise $5,000 to rebuild the enclosure, and as I write this, they are less than half way to their goal. You can make a donation online here, drop off a donation to Hoo Haven at 10823 Cleveland Rd. in Durand, or if you want to put your gift on a credit card they can even take your donation by phone at (815) 629-2212.

If we all make a point to donate $10 today, Hoo Haven will have the money they desperately need in no time. Please donate what you can, every little bit helps.




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