Looking to get out of the big city?

Whether it be Chicago, Rockford, or some other city in Illinois, moving to the suburbs has become more of a "thing" in the past 18 months.

Realtor.com says "Since the start of the pandemic, Americans have been moving farther and farther away from major metros, in part for more space and in part for more affordable housing options."

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Because of that, the housing market has turned into a raging inferno. Not long ago, people were selling their homes for a loss. Now, homeowners are selling their pads before they can even get it listed.

Even after, the offers usually come in way over the asking price.

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So proceed with caution if you're a first-time homebuyer. You could potentially be paying more for a place than it's worth. If you owned or purchased a home before the housing bubble burst in 2008, you already know the pain.

That said, if you've got the guts for it, a suburb of Chicago was just named by Realtor.com as one of a handful of Family Friendly Suburbs Where Parents Will Actually Want to Live.

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Ranked third overall, Libertyville is apparently the place to buy a home if you want that big city feel without, you know, actually setting foot in a big city.


This Chicago suburb is just a few miles from Lake Michigan, so residents here are close to cosmopolitan amenities and outdoor activities. Closer to home, Libertyville’s historic downtown offers many shops to explore.

The median home price for a place in Libertyville according to Realtor is $565,050.

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Former Chicago Bears star Brian Urlacher once owned a home in Libertyville. If it's good enough for a Hall of Famer and Monster of the Midway, surely it's good enough for you and the fam, right?

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