This summer, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White's office will no longer issue traditional license or identification cards.

I know, these seems crazy doesn't it? But, there is a method to the madness.

According to the Illinois Secretary of State's Office starting in July 2016, traditional license and identification cards will no longer be issued. Instead, you will receive a temporary paper card.

The temporary driver's license or identification card will be good for 45 days. You will also be returned your original driver's license or ID card with a hole punch in it.

Then, your information will be sent to a secure facility. After a fraud check, you will then receive your new, more secure card within 15 days via mail. The new design of the card will posses technology to fight against fraud. The new IDs will also be up to REAL ID standards, making travel by plane even easier.

To understand the new process, watch this:

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