When a poster board "promposal" isn't good enough.

Poster board "promposals" have been done repeatedly across the country, but now hopeful prom dates are asked to go using a barbershop quartet?

Not that there's anything wrong with using poster board, I mean, it's cute. But c'mon, a barbershop quartet? That's where it's at.

Especially if you're a shy person. It's perfect really. Let the people you hired, in this case a barbershop quartet, do the asking for you.

The guy in the video, Mark Capapas, a student at Lane Tech in Chicago, asked Olive Clifford to prom using the harmonious group of guys.

Capapas said in his Facebook post, he "got rejected by Olive Clifford for prom" but later on in the thread said he was being "sarcastic."

I sure hope Clifford said "yes" to prom, then again, how could she really say "no?" If she didn't, that would have been a ton of money wasted.

That might be the the reason poster board "promposals" are so trendy. If he or she says "no" it's no big deal, it only cost $1.38.

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