We love it when police use social media in creative ways. It's a great way to relate to people. 

Some of the "specials" the Illinois Police are offering include:

  • Speeding tickets starting at $120, $140, $150, $200, or a trip to Jail and a tow removal of your vehicle!
  • Use of phone while driving $120, but if combined with another offense, could be two tickets of $120 each! Double the savings!
  • Seatbelt savings include front seat and back seat! Children unrestrained under 16 will give you a special coupon called a Mandatory Court Date!
  • One of our best deals is the Move Over Special! Failure to move over and slow down for emergency vehicles and any vehicles on the shoulder with their emergency/hazard lights activated arrests this weekend is a nationwide event! Violations, regardless of which state you reside in, will earn you a trip back to Illinois to face a judge as it’s a mandatory court appearance!

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone but it appears the police will be out in force over the holiday weekend. Be smart and stay safe.

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