I'm still wondering what I said that sparked a firestorm of negative reactions on a Wisconsin TikToker's recent video.

Maze of questions
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How did I get to where I am now, leading to the roast?

Well, my vague response is by telling you I was just doing my job. You see, I'm not only a radio host, I'm also a content contributor for a handful of radio stations in the Northern midwest. I'm constantly looking for show material that could easily be turned into an article such as this. This is how my brain is wired.

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The heat you're about to read stems from something that came across my TikTok feed, a.k.a my 'for you page." It started with an article I wrote about a former Green Bay Packer who became a serial killer, which I saw in a Wisconsin TikTok user's video.

I did little research about the story and wrote about it, giving much credit to the aforementioned TikToker.

There's more...

Doing what I do, I made note of this TikToker because Wisconsin topics fall into the category of possibilities for future articles. Little did I know what was headed in my direction.

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I found this same TikToker's Twitter account and noticed she mentioned something to the point of thinking Guy Fieri (host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) and Gary LeVox (of Rascal Flatts) were the same people. It made me laugh, it got a reaction.

When I have a natural reaction like that I immediately make note of it because it could lead to some sort of future content.

I wrote about it because it's fun, not serious, and a break from the sad world we're currently living in. Apparently, that was a bad idea to some people. I assure you there was nothing negative written about said TikToker aside from crediting her for the content idea, something that is also known as hat-tipping.

Let the roasting begin.

She shared a video of my Guy Fieri/Gary LeVox article hoping TikTok would verify her account based on having been written about by a reporter. But, I am not a reporter, as indicated above, although it's easy to assume based on the presentation of the article on a radio station website.

Here were some (of the 100's) of the comments on her video.

of course he is from Illinois.

I'm not even sure why that is relevant?

Rockford. LMAO


I feel like he just wanted to clown on someone from Wisconsin.

Nope, I just thought it was funny and thought it was possible that others might confuse the two as well.

breaking headlines in rockford with this one

No, not really.

As a Rockforduan... Calling JB Love a reporter is like calling the World Weekly News a trustworthy news source.

That's fair although, with all due respect, I have broken a few big news stories with accurate information before actual journalists caught wind of it.

Rockford 😂😂😂 don't worry his opinion means nothing.

What opinion? Did that person read the article?

damn rockfordians! (I say this as a rockfordian lol) wait, is it rockfordian? rockfordite? rockfordan? who knows lol 😂


Hahahahha I can just guess which paper from Rockford published this and I’m not surprised

All guesses involving any archaic newspaper would be wrong.

Sorry we don’t have much to report on besides extreme poverty and shootings.

Again, it was not a news report.

Lol I’m originally from Rockford (in Wisconsin now) but I am not shocked. Q98.5 is the radio station of choice for my country music loving grandma.


And, the best for last.

No one from Rockford matters.

Thank you, thank you for the kind words. Don't knock her though, very few social media influencers can fully control their followers.

You can read more of the comments here.

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