What could have been a disastrous situation involving cattle on a heavily travelled road turned into a fun day for a central Illinois police department on social media.

The Bloomington Police Department joined other departments in the area to assist Illinois State Police on July 25 as they responded to a report of an overturned truck that had been hauling cattle.

According to a post on the Bloomington Police Facebook, their officers were called in to assist with traffic and cattle control.

The report states 25-30 cows were roaming around the roadway. Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident.

Given the somewhat unusual nature of the call, the department decided to have some fun when sharing details of the cow roundup on social media.

"With a moo-moo here, and a moo-moo there," the department started its Facebook post before launching into a pun-filled recap of the incident.

"Many of you have 'herd' there was an incident last night that resulted in a cattle hauler toppling (yes, cow tipping)" the post continued.

Of course, those commenting were quick to get in a few puns of their own. The post eventually exploded with nearly 100 comments and 170 shares.

"Great aCOWmplishment," wrote Lisa Schmidt Connolly.

Others suggested starting up a special mounted division or scheduling special cattle roping training for officers.

"Seems like y'all milked this for for all it's worth," the Fulton County Emergency Service and Disaster Agency added to the conversation.

That's no bull either.

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