My parents grew up during the Great Depression, and that fact was made clear in many ways, but most notably in the foods they refused to eat. There weren't any. Period. Full stop.

My dad didn't care for spicy things at all, but would eat them anyway, especially if there was nothing else being offered. It seems that when you've lived through food scarcity, you learn to choke down nearly anything, and be glad that you had it at all.

Dad's favorite childhood dish during the Depression was non-traditional, because they couldn't afford tomatoes to make the sauce. Spaghetti with ketchup.

Close up of a ketchup heart garnished on cooked spaghetti.
Yep. That's ketchup. (Getty Images)

That Was Then, This Is Now---And There's Plenty Of Stuff That We Won't Eat

In the interests of full disclosure, I'll go first. I don't like liver, cooked carrots, canned spinach, or Lima beans. That's about it. You can have my sweetbreads, too (they're not sweet or breads, trust me on this).

I'll also pass on monkey-head soup like they had in that one Indiana Jones movie, but you don't often see it listed on many menus under the soup du jour.

woman being caught unexpectedly feeling ill and vomiting into a paperbag
What happens after you eat the money-head soup. (Getty Images)

600,000 People Weighed In On A Dating App's Question About Most-Hated Foods, And Some Of Their Answers Are Just Weird

According to a piece at, dating app Hater asked for, and obviously received, feedback on the foods that people in all 50 states just happen to hate. I'm not going to waste your time going through every state, so let's take a look first at Illinois' most hated food, then a quick look at what the rest of the Midwest had to say.

It pains me to say it, but we Illinoisans should be embarrassed by our state's selection as most hated food. Why? Because by saying that we hate "biting on" this particular food makes us sound pretty lame. What food do we hate biting on?


String Cheese On Chopping Board
String cheese? Really? (Getty Images)
Getty Images
Terrifying, really. (Getty Images)

String Cheese, Or More Specifically, The Act Of Biting On String Cheese, Makes It Illinois' Most Hated Food

As for the rest of our Midwestern neighbors, here are the foods that they hate the most:

  • Wisconsin despises...of all things...Lunchables.
  • Iowa hates quinoa. It doesn't say if it's because of the pronunciation difficulties. "Ya want some Queen-oh?"
  • Kentucky is happy to take a hard pass on hummus.
  • Indiana is just not into charcuterie plates.
  • Missouri's most hated food is just a head scratcher. They most hate "the last bite of hot dog." Seriously.
  • A reason to kick Michigan out of the Union might be their hatred of cold pizza.
Get out, Michigan! You disgust me. (Getty Images)
Get out, Michigan! You disgust me. (Getty Images)

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