In other shocking and stunning news, water is wet and it's dark outside at night.

A recent survey revealed some interesting binge-watching preferences across America, and Game of Thrones, which returned to HBO for its final season on Sunday night, was the most-binged show in many states and the most favorite series to binge-watch nationwide.

Game of Thrones is easily (pardon the stupid pun) the king of binged shows, and was the top-binged TV show in eight states, including California, Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Most respondents across the U.S. also binge-watched TV shows that focused on crime and comedy, with NCIS, Ozark, and The Office taking the top spots many states, including Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

Here's how binge-watching habits go here in the Midwest:

  • Illinois: Game of Thrones
  • Wisconsin: NCIS
  • Iowa: Ozark
  • Missouri: Game of Thrones
  • Michigan: Ozark
  • Indiana: Two and a Half Men
  • Kentucky: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Genre also matters for binge-watching marathons: Almost half of respondents across the U.S. (44.9 percent) preferred to watch comedy TV shows, while only 11.3 percent of respondents said they loved horror TV shows. Even though respondents in most states chose comedy as their favorite binge-watching genre, Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Utah respondents said they liked drama TV shows the best.


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