Have you ever woken in the middle of the night and spotted something strange? Depending on the level of strange you might think your eyes aren't functioning yet or the possibility that you're not fully awake.

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The other night I woke up, walked to the bathroom, and swear carpet in my living room was moving. (No, I wasn't drunk or under the influence of a certain legal recreational activity.)

A man in Byron, Illinois spotted something very unusual in his yard and on his property this week. What did he do about it? He did what most of us would do, went to his neighborhood Facebook group.

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Anyone lose about 15-20 cows?

This story is udderly ridiculous. It's not even very mooving either. But, there are pictures to prove it.

Credit: Matt Bargren, Facebook
Credit: Matt Bargren, Facebook

One thing this story is though is random, at best. Before my questions, read what time these cows were spotted.

They were chilling all over our property and yard last night, 1 a.m.-3:30 a.m.

Credit: Matt Bargren, Facebook
Credit: Matt Bargren, Facebook

I've witnessed a stray cow or two on the road in the middle of nowhere in Illinois, but 15-20?!

Who forgot to close the gate? Are cows microchipped like cats and dogs?


A bunch of bull****.

Thank you, washing all the pie off my patio now.

No word on the cattle being corraled back home but the owners were contacted.

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