Now that the NFL regular season has come to an end, perhaps this is not quite as big of a deal for daily fantasy sports players. But the future of the industry in Illinois still is very much in doubt.

There's a pretty interesting (and lengthy) primer on where we stand at Attorney General Lisa Madigan has moved to stop daily fantasy site from operating in Illinois while the sites, of course, are fighting back.

According to Fortune, Illinois is not alone: the beginning of the new year, focus will still be on the daily fantasy battle in New York. Further down the road: Illinois. And Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and other states currently looking into the legality of this exploding industry.

Can DraftKings and FanDuel fend off the opposition in 2016? We’ll find out. What happens in New York will be a major indicator for (and influence on) how other states fare.

Now an Illinois lawmaker wants a special committee to investigate daily fantasy sites. Democrat State Rep. Scott Drury wants members to hold hearings and be able to subpoena documents and take testimony under oath.

Drury says the committee is needed so lawmakers can make informed decisions about any state legislation addressing fantasy sports betting.




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