Did you know that Illinois is ONE OF SIX states with an indoor mask mandate?

“I want them to go away too, but I want make sure that we’re keeping people healthy and safe. Obviously, we want to remove mitigations before the holidays, where people spend extended time together, we’d like to get to a place where we can remove the mask mandates.” - Illinois Governor JB Pritzker 

That is the official statement from J.B. and he's the one that can pull the trigger and get this whole indoor mask thing, out of here.

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It was back in August when the governor signed the executive order, to mandate mask wearing indoors in Illinois. MyStateline

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At this current time the positivity rate sits at 2.1% in Illinois. The percent was at 2.8% back in the month of March when the first mask mandate expired. But the governor says he needs to see even MORE improvement to remove the masks from indoors in Illinois.

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Then there's this whole booster shot thing. Later this week we are supposed to find out the when, where, and who in Illinois. Oddly I know people in Illinois that have already received them, weird.

You can take one six months after the initial shots. Another is good at 12, the other is good with tacos and mix drinks, but no onion...it's all so damn confusing.

The good news is, no more masks indoors in Illinois when we reach the holidays. I like that a lot.

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