A day after the U.S. Senate rejected four different gun control proposals, Illinois House member Gregory Harris, D-Chicago, introduced a new gun control measure in the House, and it's gaining some bi-partisan support.

In a nutshell, suspected terrorists and people considered a threat to public safety would be barred from obtaining firearms. If someone on a terrorist watch list applies for a Firearms Owner’s Identification Card (required in Illinois to purchase or possess firearms and/or ammunition), Illinois State Police would be permitted to inform the FBI. 

According to a piece at Reboot Illinois,

The proposal also would allow people in positions of authority, such as school administrators, law enforcement officers and mental health professionals, to report individuals who convey terroristic threats to the state police if those threats cause or create the risk of death or great bodily harm to one or more people.

State police would have three business days to provide notice and reason for the “disqualification of a person from a firearm purchase or FOID card revocation to all law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction to assist with the seizure of the person’s FOID card.”

Harris said those who have their FOID cards revoked for making such threats would have to “transfer” the firearms in their possession to the authorities.

While many across the country have expressed their concerns about lack of "due process" in many gun control proposals, especially those authored by Democrats, Harris says that his bill provides "appropriate" due process, adding that someone who has their FOID card denied or revoked will be able to petition through a two-level appeals process.

Rep. Ed Sullivan, a Mundelein Republican, is one of the bill's chief co-sponsors. Sullivan participated in the writing of the current Illinois concealed-carry law, and has been vocal about expanding the areas where those with a concealed-carry license are allowed to have a weapon:

“The Second Amendment is an important part of our Constitution, and HB 6588 does not diminish that right for any individual who wishes to conduct themselves within the framework of our laws,” Sullivan said in a press release. “This bipartisan bill takes aim at gun violence in ways that could prevent tragedies like that which occurred earlier this month in Orlando and at Northern Illinois University a few years ago from happening ever again.”

The Illinois State Rifle Association says that they will support the bill, as long as the bill's language remains the same. Other sponsors and supporters include State Rep. Ron Sandack, R-Downers Grove, and House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, R-Western Springs. About 30 House members have signed on to the plan as co-sponsors.

For more on HB 6588, check out the story at Reboot Illinois.