Friday Night Lights on 1440 WROK will be live at Harlem High School on Friday, September 24th. The East E-Rabs are coming to town and it should be a great matchup. We have a special guest in the booth with us this week. Dave Perrone and myself will be joined by Double T from 96.7 The Eagle. Double T has hopped onto basketball broadcasts in the past but this will be his first football game.

And while the football game will be the main focus of the broadcast, there is one more much important reason for traveling to Harlem High School this weekend. We need to try out the pork chop sandwiches. Harlem's are pretty legendary, they've been serving them since at least the 1980s if not longer AND they have been named one of the 70 finalists in the state of Illinois for having the best pork chop sandwiches at Illinois High School football games.

The contest is called "The Pork & Pigskins Championship" and is being sponsored by the Illinois Pork Producers and Harlem will have to fight through quite the gauntlet to claim the Golden Spatula, and that's not a euphemism for anything, the winning school will literally receive a golden spatula if they win.  Along with the golden spatula, the winning school will receive $500 to go towards next years pork chop order and a state championship banner. Pretty cool if we're being honest here.

(The spatula is pretty cool, but I'm assuming the main tool of choice for the people grilling the chops would be a pair of long tongs. Maybe they'll think about it next year.)

While Harlem is the only NIC-10 school in the contest, several smaller schools in the area are in the running for the golden spatula. They include:

  • Dakota
  • Hampshire
  • Lena-Winslow
  • Milledgeville
  • Rochelle
  • Stillman Valley
  • Winnebago

We will have a full review of the pork chop sandwich at some point during our Friday night contest. There's a possibility I'll even have two to measure consistency. Good luck to all the contestants and we'll talk to you live from Harlem this Friday night. Pregame is at 7 with kickoff around 715.

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