A few weeks ago Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker dropped a new mask mandate on Illinois residents. This mandate once again requires all residents to wear a mask indoors and when in close proximity.

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As COVID-19's Delta variant spreads and coronavirus cases rise in the Land of Lincoln, Pritzker also put orders into place directly relating to K-12 education. This updated mandate requires all eligible students and school employees to be fully vaccinated, according to Reuters.

Credit: Halfpoint
Credit: Halfpoint

Obviously, with an indoor mask mandate in place, children and teens in school must be masked as well.


This mandate will impact more than just the actual school staff, bus drivers, and students.

Some parents who already don't approve of their kids in masks at school are really going to be ticked.

Per an email sent to families in the Byron, Illinois school district, this will affect how parents help with school activities in a big way.

What does this mean exactly? This means if a parent, guardian, or any adult volunteering or chaperoning are included in the category of 'school personnel.'

As specified in the mandate, all school personnel are required to show proof of vaccination or produce a negative PCR test five days prior to volunteering at school or chaperoning a field trip.

Beginning Sunday, September 19, anyone who plans to volunteer or chaperone a school field trip going forward, will need to complete a background check, volunteer waiver, AND produce a vaccination record or proof of a negative PCR test dated within the five days prior to the field trip.

Parents are already not allowed to join their children on field trips to public venues and, if rules are not followed, they won't be volunteering in any capacity either.

Parents who have not completed these three steps will not be allowed to volunteer or chaperone field trips.

Please remember to NOT get mad at superintendents, principals, teachers, etc. They're only following orders from the state.

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